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2011 KNov A 013

front yard redesign

“Permaculture” is a “design system for creation of sustainable human landscapes”, according to owner Nick Bezzerides of Sense of Place Permaculture.  His company does more than create landscapes for food, beauty, and ecological function, but also has a mission for connecting people with nature and encouraging them to be outside and involved.

What’s impressive is just how many services Sense of Place provides:  building and maintaining food and formal gardens, woodwork, tree care, indoor growing systems, and rainwater capture and management.  One of several tree care services he provides as an ISA Certified Arborist, is the care and pruning of fruit trees for optimum fruit production and health.

An important consideration for EcoBiz certification is education and outreach efforts of the candidate.  Nick not only writes articles for the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce newsletter, he also volunteers at OSU Extension’s Tree School, a home-owner focused education event held at Clackamas Community College.  His classes include fruit tree and other tree care topics.




Phone:  971-344-0810