Lents Body Shop Inc. – Recertified

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Continuing their longstanding commitment to protecting the environment, Lents Body Shop, Inc has recertified for EcoBiz. Located in the Lents Town Center at 9038 S.E. Foster Road in Portland, Lents Body Shop takes great pride in their eco-friendly practices, including:

  • Using Low VOC, Waterborne Paints
  • Posting spill response plans throughout the shop
  • Placing spill kits in key locations
  • Properly storing all liquids and providing secondary containment
  • Greatly reducing the use of solvents and other toxics
  • Recycling bumper covers, scrap metal, and other materials generated in the shop and office
In addition to their environmental ethic, shop owner Randy Dagel has been an instrumental civic leader, bringing attention and resources to the Lents area. Kevin Cronin, Senior Business Development Coordinator at the Portland Development Commission, has worked with Randy for a number of years, and shares, “he’s been a longtime supporter of the Lents Town Center and a great cheerleader for Lents. He’s provided jobs and renovated his own building, while supporting redevelopment throughout the neighborhood.”

For more information on Lents Body Shop, visit their website http://lentsbodyshop.com/.