Green Drop Garage, Moreland – EcoBiz Certified

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Green Drop Garage recently opened a new, Moreland neighborhood location at 5321 SE 28th Avenue in Portland. Continuing their pro-active approach to sustainability, Green Drop applied for certification and consulted with EcoBiz prior to opening. On August 18th, the second location gained EcoBiz Certification after a final site visit by the Oregon DEQ and Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC).

Best practices which began at the first shop, have been adopted at the new location. Steps include:

  • Acquiring double walled tanks and spill pallets for all tanks and drums 55 gallons and greater.
  • Purchasing brake cleaner, washer fluid, antifreeze, and oil in bulk to reduce waste.
  • Utilizing a water based, microbe-powered parts washer (Smart Washer), eliminating the need for harsh solvents.
  • Storing all scrap metal and used tires inside to reduce stormwater contamination.
  • Specializing in re-refined oils and antifreeze to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from production.

As with their first location, (1417 SE 9th Ave. Portland) Green Drop needed to address waste left behind by the previous tenants. The shop tested, pumped out, and covered a shop drain, and decommissioned two in-ground lifts. They are also in the process of re-selling or recycling auto painting equipment left behind.

“Getting EcoBiz Certified was a no-brainer, since we’ve made sustainability a part of how we operate our business. Traditionally, auto repair has been a “dirty” industry. We are here to show a different way, one that protects our employees, customers, and the environment.”

– Green Drop Garage owner Farhad Ghafarzade

Green Drop Garage’s two locations are open for business and accepting new customers. To schedule a repair or oil change service visit or call (503) 567-8344. Let them know EcoBiz sent you!