Du Fresne’s Auto Repair EcoBiz Certified

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Du Fresne’s Auto Repair (10690 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR), has been evolving business practices since first opening in 1968. Prior to applying for EcoBiz, shop owner Nancy Scheewe and technician Marco Valdez implemented a number of sustainable practices designed to protect employees and the environment. Instead of using toxic parts washing solvents, they use a water based system. Being tight on space, they only keep the needed amounts of parts and supplies, reducing waste.

To become certified, Du Fresne’s:

  • ​Invested in a new, indoor double walled tank for used oil, replacing a single walled outdoor tank;
  • Moved all used tires inside to prevent stormwater pollution;
  • Trained all employees in spill prevention;
  • Placed spills kits throughout the shop; and
  • Purchased spill containment pallets for all 55 gallon drums.

For more information on Du Fresne’s Auto Repair, visit www.dufresnesautorepair.com or call (503) 822-6057.

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10690 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR


New double walled oil tank.