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Bickmore Auto Sales, located at 2020 E Powell Blvd in Gresham, Oregon is now EcoBiz Certified. Sustainability and protecting employee/customer health is a top priority at Bickmore Auto Sales. Becoming EcoBiz certified was a way they could show that priority to their customers.

“It’s been an exciting process. It’s been great working with EcoBiz and the City of Gresham. What I’ve learned about being sustainable is that you are constantly improving. That’s just a good way to live your life.”
– Josh Van Zanten, Bickmore Auto Sales

Bickmore Auto Sales has made several important choices to protect the environment, such as:

  • Working to eliminate harsh, solvent-based brake cleaners
  • Using an ultrasonic parts washer with Safer Choice certified cleaner
  • Adding secondary containment for all fluids 55 gallons or greater
  • Developing a plan for reducing toxic chemicals
  • Posting a spill response plan and keeping spill kits stocked

In addition to being EcoBiz Certified, Bickmore Auto Sales was also awarded as a Gresham Green Business.

See contact information below to get in touch and see how being EcoBiz Certified makes a difference.

Bickmore Auto Sales EcoBiz Certified

Phone: 503-966-8444

To learn more about how to become EcoBiz certified, email