Autobahn Motorwerks EcoBiz Certified

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Autobahn Motorwerks, located at 4410 SW 142nd Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon, has recertified as an EcoBiz. First certified in 2017, Autobahn Motorwerks has continued to find innovative solutions to perform environmentally-friendly automotive repair.

A regional leader in less toxic parts cleaning, Autobahn Motorwerks uses an ultrasonic parts washer with an all-purpose cleaner that is certified less toxic by EPA Safer Choice. This ultrasonic parts washing method has eliminated hazardous waste from parts washing, cut staff time in half, and saved about $10,000 annually.

Read more about Autobahn Motorwerks success with less toxic parts cleaning here.

Ultrasonic parts washer (left), part before ultrasonic washing (middle), part after ultrasonic washing (right)

In addition, Autobahn Motorwerks has taken several other measures to protect the environment:

  • Refilling of spill kits (available during every EcoBiz site visit);
  • Adding secondary containment to prevent leaks and spills from reaching the environment;
  • Posting a spill response plan;
  • Storing all waste indoors under cover.

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