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3C Automotive Repair is now EcoBiz Certified

Chevron PitPack to replace single quart bottles. Dispensers are refilled from a bulk 6 gallon container.

3C Automotive Repair, located at 2208 NW Birdsdale Avenue in Gresham, has gained EcoBiz Certification. In the process of becoming certified, 3C made a number of significant changes to improve the environment and protect employees.

Steps included:

  • Using Sure Shot sprayers and bulk brake cleaner, instead of single use aerosol cans, eliminating hazardous waste and reducing air pollution.

  • Switching to an automatic water-based parts washer, reducing employee exposure to toxic chemicals and saving staff time washing parts manually.

  • Replacing most quarts of oil with a bulk system using 6 gallon dispensers and refillable containers, eliminating 89% of plastic waste.

  • Installing a berm across shop doors to prevent spills inside the shop from entering the stormwater system.

Certification was completed by staff from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, City of Gresham, and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC).

For any questions or to schedule a repair, please call: (503) 492-6425 and let them know EcoBiz sent you!