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3 Myths About Oil Spills in the Shop

No matter how much we try—spills happen sometimes. In an auto repair shop, common spills involve toxic fluids like antifreeze, solvents, and especially oil. If these substances make their way into a storm drain, they’ll end up in our local rivers and streams.

City of Tigard Fleet EcoBiz Certified

City of Tigard Fleet Services, located at 8777 SW Burnham Street in Tigard, Oregon, has been recertified through EcoBiz. First certified in 2016, City of Tigard Fleet Services has continued to go above compliance to perform eco-friendly repair of fleet vehicles. Several important actions have been taken in recent years…

Autobahn Motorwerks EcoBiz Certified

Autobahn Motorwerks, located at 4410 SW 142nd Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon, has recertified as an EcoBiz. First certified in 2017, Autobahn Motorwerks has continued to find innovative solutions to perform environmentally-friendly automotive repair. A regional leader in less toxic parts cleaning, Autobahn Motorwerks uses an ultrasonic parts washer with an…